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Fattened Faculty (Chapter 12)
    Heather's mouth was completely full of greasy bread and cheese, but she tried to speak regardless.
    "I wike youw new haiww cowwow."
    Sabrina looked up.
    Heather swallowed, then repeated herself. "I said, I like your new hair color."
    "Oh! Aw. Thanks, Heath."
    The sudden sweetness made Sabrina felt bad for staring at Heather's body so intently while she ate. Indeed, the student art teacher had unexpectedly come in today with her hair totally lightened. The blue-green streak was gone, and so was the dark black. Now, she was sporting a lovely ombré: the brown hair atop her head transitioned into a beautiful copper color that fluttered against her shoulders. She had been a bit surprised that Heather hadn't noticed it earlier like Vicki and Anna had, but considering just how furiously Heather had been eating, she was now even more surprised that her blonde friend had noticed it at a
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Fattened Faculty (Chapter 11)
    When someone is very skinny and wears form-fitting clothes, it's not difficult to notice small amounts of weight gain on their body. If the person has been obese for a long time already, that sort of micro-level fattening is much less visibly apparent. In this respect, Ms. Amanda Harris was truly pushing boundaries: despite having already been so obese for such a long time, she still managed to show up to class each day looking noticeably fatter than the last.
    For someone like Leah Benson, this sort of sudden noticeability simply didn't happen. Even though all 480-plus-pounds of the redhead were expanding at a consistent and medically alarming rate, it was hard to spot the changes if you were around her on a daily basis. Leah Benson's body was already big enough that it had mostly finished sorting out its plans for fat storage. She wasn't going to come in with any new love handles any time soon; instead, the ones she already had were just going to get bigger
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Mobility is Overrated
    I'll be the first to admit it: I was having a very hard time following Kylie into the clearing. If this counted as hiking, I suddenly understood why nobody did it anymore. Of course, the people who once made hobbies out of this led vastly different lives than myself or Kylie, but it was hard to imagine how strong a person would have to be to accomplish something like this and even remotely enjoy it.
    Both of us were wheezing and sweating harder than we had in our entire lives. From up ahead, my friend called out to me, barking that I needed to catch up. I asked her to slow down, but she wouldn't.
    "No more delays, and no more breaks! We need to get this over with so we can get back in time for supper.'
    "Damn right we do," I retorted. "I don't wanna spend too much time here. I'm already starving."
    Kylie scoffed. "Damn. Selfish, much? I thought we were coming to appreciate the thing, not to tag it and run away. Di
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Fattened Faculty (Chapter 10)
    Blueberry sounds good, but you just ate a blueberry pack this morning. You haven't had cherry in a while...
    As Vicki slouched there, gaping at the vending machine, the pros and cons of each filling raced through her mind. If she'd had more choices, she probably wouldn't have picked a fruit flavor anyway. She was in much more of a cinnamon mood, but the machine in Amanda's classroom didn't carry anything along those lines.
    Ultimately, the student-teacher supposed it didn't really matter. She had one of those infinite-credit vending machine cards, so grabbing a pack of each wouldn't be any extra burden on her wallet. The only thing stopping her from doing that was her concern for her own waistline. The idea of getting two double-packs of Poptarts when she'd already had such a hard time squeezing into these designated fat-pants this morning simply felt inappropriate. Nonetheless, as she began to notice the small l
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 161 32
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 9, Part 2)
    The rest of that morning was awkward for everyone involved.
    Immediately after the incident, Jordan could think of nothing else to do except to sit in his empty classroom, sulking and stress-eating as he struggled to come up with a way to save face. It usually wasn't this difficult to conceal his sexual preferences; he had successfully hidden his fetish from every one of his girlfriends in the past, but this one seemed uniquely capable of coaxing it out from the shadows. He often thought about trying to explain himself, but just as he'd been with all of his exes, he always ended up too timid to broach the subject with Amanda once and for all. Unable to muster up the confidence to text her about it, he toothed another chunk out of his candy bar and continued worrying.
    As the first couple of potbellied freshmen jiggled into their way into his classroom, Jordan attempted to pull himself together. He grunted, heaved himself up and scrawled the
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 113 29
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 9, Part 1)
    It'd been a couple of weeks since Amanda and Leah's dressing room discussion on the mysteries of Jordan's sexuality, and in that time, Amanda had proven herself to be an awful investigator. Their coworkers' jokes and Jordan's strange gestures only grew more frequent, but Amanda was far too easily distracted to maintain suspicion long enough to actually confront her boyfriend about the issue. Perhaps that was because—in reality—Amanda been conditioned to be distracted that way, and it was especially difficult not to submit to that mentality when it was constantly being catered to by her workplace. In a store, with no food around and a mirror to her big body, Amanda could more easily spot what was wrong with the picture. Beaumont High, on the other hand, was a veritable theme park of distractions, and it was damn good at rewarding totally absent-minded overindulgence.
    Amanda wasn't wired for inquisition, which was probably why Beaumont's tactics ha
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 150 31
Mature content
Baking Class: Year 2 :iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 201 37
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 8)
    God, she is so fat.
    The art teacher was wearing tight clothes today, which made for a fantastic view of her bulked-out form. Various fat-parts of Ms. Anna Russo's body were practically fluttering as she stood there, drawing an impressively realistic face on the chalkboard as quickly as she could. She was finishing up a demonstration on the proportions of the human head, and now that the details were being filled in, the motions she made with her chalk were becoming faster and more dramatic. Each wrinkle or eyelash on the picture required staccato flicking motions that sent Anna's arm-handles swinging in that respective direction, and with each zig-zagged bit of shading, her plump shoulders swayed on a slight delay. These motions continued down her contour, inevitably slowing to a stop around the crux of her hips, where the fat was most densely packed. As soft as she was, the momentum could evidently travel only so far before it was lost into her
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 171 24
Fattened Faculty: Character Index
    This is a resource for the Fattened Faculty series, not an actual part of the story. If you'd like to read the actual story, please start here:
        Fattened Faculty (Chapter 1)
    Since Fattened Faculty is such a complex series, and readers are of course at the mercy of my lamentably slow output of new chapters, I felt it would be helpful to a lot of those reading new chapters if I were to compile an index of characters with their names, appearances, positions and other bits of descriptive information. By doing that, readers hopefully won't have to go back and dig through the old chapters if they forget details about a minor character, and I won't have to bloat the story with unnecessary exposition. I also predict that, in the long run, this will serve as a good source f
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 76 20
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 7)
    Amanda quickly spotted Leah Benson in the corner of the food court. Even from behind, her red hair and overall size made her easily recognizable; she stuck out quite plainly against the more modestly proportioned bodies that made up the rest of the Friday afternoon lunch rush. Amanda, still working on a greasy pretzel-dog she'd purchased from a stand by the entrance, managed to resist the other vendors' temptations as she made her way over to her friend's seat.
    "Leah!" Amanda blurted out. "Are you ready?"
    Leah looked up from her phone and jumped, not expecting so much belly to have appeared over the remains of her lunch. Her eyes continued up until they connected with Amanda's smiling face.
    "Damn," the bigger teacher laughed, "you scared me a little!" She heaved up and out of her seat, inadvertently dragging the chair back more than a foot across the floor before it disconnected from her bottom. "Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go."
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 148 14
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 6)
    Laura Holmes looked at her watch and grinned. "If she doesn't show up within fifteen minutes, we're allowed to leave."
    "That's not true," Sasha Burnett muttered from the next seat over.
    "Yes it is! It's the law!" Laura was lying. "And like, we're pretty close. It's 8:04 already."
    The myth was a popular one among freshmen who still didn't fully understand how high school was supposed to work. Of course, it had no merit; leaving class early would've earned them a detention regardless of their teacher's presence.
    "Has she ever been this late for class before?"
    Karen Cho looked up from her phone to answer. "Not as far as I know. I mean, I get dropped off early most of the time and I've still never gotten to class before Ms. Harris."
    "I'll bet she stopped for breakfast and got carried away."
    "Sounds about right," Laura snickered.
    "Guys!" Karen pleaded. "Come on, that
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 162 24
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 5)
    The numbers Amanda was rattling off from her perch at the front of the room were making less and less sense to Vicki as the day wore on. Every integer and operation blurred into the next, forming a wall of white noise that was almost completely uninterpretable in a mathematical sense. If Vicki was supposed to be following along with the lesson, being stuffed to the point where she was green in the face and stifling painful hiccups probably wasn't the way to do it. During the previous class, she'd finally managed to stop eating, but to attribute this to willpower would've been giving her far too much credit. Vicki had simply reached a point at which her body had completely disallowed any further consumption; she had reached maximum capacity.
    After the first foodless hour of her day, Vicki was finally starting to feel like she was making some progress on digestion. She was still in too much pain to focus, but no longer was she physically writhing in her seat o
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 152 20
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 4)
    Vicki was troubled by the pressing fullness of her own belly. Each step down the hall unsettled it a little more, rustling the uncomfortable cocktail of donuts, coffee and various breakfast foods that was responsible for its visible distention. She had to slow down, lest she end up like... well...
    Everyone else.
    Seriously. It was everyone. Sure, the freshmen from period one didn't exactly radiate health, but most of them weren't quite fat. The juniors from her last class, though? Vicki had never seen so much human body mass in one room. Some were much bigger than others, but surely none of them were thin enough to walk out of a doctor's office without a lecture. Their eating habits were especially troubling; the vast majority of them ate throughout the entire class, and their voracity was really, really impressive. There was a troubling consistency to Beaumont's overeating problem, and it troubled Vic
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 179 36
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 3)
    Amanda Harris watched complacently as a subtly chunky pair of janitors heaved the second desk into place at the back of the classroom across from her own. She'd been instructed to come in early so that she could help prepare for the arrival of her new student teacher, but the custodial team hardly seemed to need much help. Sure, she would've assisted if they'd asked her, but since they hadn't, she felt relatively comfortably sitting on her ass and eating from the box of donuts she'd picked up at the main office that morning instead.
    "Can I take more than one?" Amanda had asked Jenny at the front desk. "For, uh... the students, of course."
    "They're free for everyone," Jenny spat at the rotund teacher through a mouthful of custard filling. "Celebrating the new student teachers. Feel free to take a couple." The office's resident blob dusted some crumbs off of her black shirt, but failed to remove any of the powdered sugar that frosted her bosom. T
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 191 26
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 2)
    As they approached the school in Jordan's car, Amanda tried to talk herself out of feeling so self-conscious. The dress she'd chosen only fit her well in a few spots. Her belly and her ass were not two of those places. Jordan had complimented her appearance quite a bit already, but she still couldn't help noticing that he was staring at her belly at every red light along the way. Regardless of how many times she sucked in or readjusted, it kept spreading back out over her lap like a warm sack of pudding beneath her floral dress, swallowing up the bottom strap of her seatbelt in its ravenous path. After the embarrassment of letting him see her act like a pig in school the other day, she knew she had to show some semblance of attractiveness quickly or he would surely lose interest in starting a relationship. Sitting in her relatively thin date's car with her gut flopped out over the seatbelt was probably not the best way to do that.
    Why couldn
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 249 25
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 1)
    "She looks pregnant," one student whispered. "Have you seen the way her belly sticks out?"
    "No she doesn't!" Another student piped up. "You're so mean. She doesn't look pregnant."
    "She will soon if she doesn't already," a third one chimed in. "Look at the way she's eating."
    Ms. Amanda Harris—the teacher in question—was currently parked behind her desk, popping bon-bons into her mouth and drumming her fingers as the slower students finished up their tests. To say she looked pregnant these days wasn't much of an exaggeration whatsoever. Her round belly pushed outward across her lap, heaving complacently as she filled it with fatty candy. All over, her modest dress was stretched uncomfortably taut around the folded girth of her form.
    "I never expected her to get so chubby," one of the girls muttered to her friends. "I met her when my sister had her a few years ago and she was thin as a rail."
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 486 28

Random from Fattened Faculty Art

Jenny - Fattened Faculty Bio by ExtraBaggageClaim
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Jenny - Fattened Faculty Bio :iconextrabaggageclaim:ExtraBaggageClaim 105 14
Sabrina - Fattened Faculty Bio by ExtraBaggageClaim Sabrina - Fattened Faculty Bio :iconextrabaggageclaim:ExtraBaggageClaim 28 8 Vicki - Fattened Faculty Bio by ExtraBaggageClaim
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Vicki - Fattened Faculty Bio :iconextrabaggageclaim:ExtraBaggageClaim 50 6
Leah - Fattened Faculty Bio by ExtraBaggageClaim Leah - Fattened Faculty Bio :iconextrabaggageclaim:ExtraBaggageClaim 90 14 Amanda - Fattened Faculty Bio by ExtraBaggageClaim Amanda - Fattened Faculty Bio :iconextrabaggageclaim:ExtraBaggageClaim 120 4

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Tamina had never been one for taking risks. She’d been sensible all through her life, always taking the safest option whenever she could; she didn’t even drink until her second year of university, and even then it was always in remarkable moderation. She’s never once been anything more than tipsy, never smoked a cigarette, never skipped school or stolen anything or been in a fight.
She even ate sensibly, those twenty years of moderation rewarding her with the sort of body that could award her the attentions of any man in sight – if only, of course, she were ever to wear something that would actually show it off.
Today, though – today was the day she was going to take her first real risk. Not due to necessity or even peer pressure, but through absolute, overwhelming boredom. She had a flawless academic record, friends and family who loved her, even plenty of savings from her years of money-management – but no real memories. She made the same pe
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That was just one of the names that they'd called her in high school. There was also Danielle from Hell, /Chan/ielle, Hot Topic Girl, and (honestly, her personal favorite) Dani Daughter of Darkness. But "Doughy Dani" was the worst thing that could have ever happened to her at Boiling Springs High School. It was short, it was catchy, and more importantly, she fit the part. Whether Danielle Gosset liked to admit it or not, she looked like a hot mess in high school. She was poor, she was chunky, and she was in that weird transition between Emo Kid and Scene, all while on the budget of an upper-lower-class teenager with no job.
Not that much had changed since she'd graduated—now she was just goth af.
Working as a waitress at one of the greasiest spoons in Inman didn't give her a lot of opportunities (or money!) to afford a better life. She was still stuck in her podunk home town living next to everyone who'd picked on her all throughout school. But what it did provide was exce
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 49 6
[Life of Haley] Easy Street
At first, it was hard for Haley to go back to living under her mom's roof. She'd spent the past two years learning to fend for herself. Whether it was balancing her budget, saving up for new clothes, or even something as simple as what she was going to eat that night, Haley had learned how to do all of that for herself. When she was living with her roommates, she was the de facto adult. And now that she'd moved back in with her mom, she wasn't given much opportunity to flex those muscles anymore.
How do you go from earning a living wage and paying for your own things right back to asking Mom for money?
"Oh Haley, don't you worry about that." Mrs. West would always say, "You moved back in with me so I'd take care of you, and there's no shame in asking your Mom for a little spending money while you're going back to school."
At first it was hard. But Haley took to living by the purse straps of her mother quite well after a few weeks into the semester. She'd spent so long scrimping and sav
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 53 8
Filly Farms 2: Lulu's Choice
Where was the first filly farm? Well, it started with the opening of a specialty restaurant in the north country.  It was a Auntie’s Pasty Shack that opened in Gilead.  Local lumberjacks and construction workers would eat a pasty in the morning to give them a day’s strength. One a day, that was customary because it was all anybody needed.  Everybody knew more wouldn’t be wise unless you were swinging steel like John Henry.
Now Gilead was full of lovely young women of the disposition to take orders and perform mindless repetitive tasks for others, chubby little waitresses. Any good restaurant job will let you eat a meal every shift, and any clever girl can find a way to double it. Now what got them in trouble was the headlining meal, and this meal had done the same to many other waistlines.
A pasty is a giant fried pot pie of a sandwich. Inside the crispy, flaky dough is a well of rich gravy. Floating in the gravy are finely chopped potatoes, carrots and
:iconthebellyqueen:TheBellyQueen 9 5
[Life of Haley] All You Do is Eat in College
Haley had heard that going from high school to college was a rough transition. But as it turned out, having a two year gap between one education to the next had made things even more rocky for her. In the span of two years, she'd forgotten most of the stuff that was covered in her Gen. Ed. courses in favor of things like how to calculate sales tax, how much her employee discount covered at her old job, and exactly how many times they could eat out on the dollar menu without going broke. Haley was spending most of her time at the USC Upstate campus relearning her introductory math skills, and realizing that the piddly papers she'd written in high school couldn't hold a candle to the ten page monsters that her professors expected from her now.
Luckily, she wasn't entirely alone in her endeavors.
"Hey, we're still good for our study sesh after Bio right?" A smaller shape bounded up towards her as she exited the Humanities building.
Courtney Caldwell was a familiar face, at least. They'd g
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 78 13
[Life of Haley] Life With Mom
Even if it hadn't technically been "her room" since high school, Haley hadn't once woken up with that hazy sense of unease that one got when sleeping in an unfamiliar place. If anything, she had spent more mornings back at her apartment in Charleston shaking off the feeling that she didn't quite belong there. For the past two weeks, Haley had slept like a baby and awoken contentedly in her fluffy pink comforter and her washed cotton sheets. She hadn't slept as well in the two years that she'd been away than she had in the two weeks since she'd moved back home. 
"Haley!" Came a familiar cry from downstairs, "Breakfast is ready!" 
She would never get tired of hearing those words. Living on her own had been hell. Exciting at times, but mostly hell. She hadn't eaten an honest, solid breakfast in years. Mostly because she was always waking up early to go to her crappy job. Most days, she wouldn't eat until noon. And it wasn't like she had the money to go o
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 85 17
Off To College (WEIGHT GAIN) by Saxxon Off To College (WEIGHT GAIN) :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 878 11
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Nerd-gigante by The-Kappass Nerd-gigante :iconthe-kappass:The-Kappass 776 13 Splat Fat fest by JayKuma
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How messy should a stuffing be? 

190 deviants said Some cute little crumbs and maybe some empty containers.
86 deviants said Lots of big stains, empty packages everywhere.
32 deviants said Person covered in food, room covered in trash.
25 deviants said Destructive enough to get you banned from a hotel chain for life.
19 deviants said Completely clean, no mess.


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Constructive comments are greatly appreciated.


Chapter 13 of Fattened Faculty, as I teased at the end of Chapter 12, is going to be centered around swimming. Any suggestions as to what kind of things you'd like to see in this chapter?
:iconextrabaggageclaim: has done some new character artwork for Fattened Faculty! Please, if you like the story, check it out; it's really fantastic!

Mature Content

Jenny - Fattened Faculty Bio by ExtraBaggageClaim
Heather - Fattened Faculty Bio by ExtraBaggageClaim
I apologize for the long wait between the two parts of Fattened Faculty Chapter 9. Things have been hectic in my non-DA life. I'm still a busy guy, but I'm hoping there won't be another break that long between my uploads for quite some time.

I really hope you enjoy the chapter now that it's complete. Please, comment and let me know what you think of Part 2!
    First of all, I'd like to apologize for the long wait for Chapter 11. I figured it'd take a while to follow up on Chapter 10, but I didn't expect it to last nearly two whole months. I didn't mean to make you guys wait that long.

    There are basically three main reasons for the delay:

  1. I viewed Chapters 1-10 as the completion of one major arc of the story, almost like a season of a TV show. After finally capping of those first ten chapters, I did take a bit of a writing break to digest my progress and think about how to continue, but that break has been over for a while now. I am currently working on the story again.

  2. I've been having a difficult time transitioning from chapter ten to my ideas for this new set of chapters in a way that felt like it lived up to my personal standards. Fattened Faculty is a series which I'm very picky about, and I want every chapter to be substantive. As a result, my writing process thus far has involved a great deal of starting, scrapping my progress, starting over and repeating the cycle. Thankfully though, I think I've hit a good stride, and I'm hoping that this new draft will be the last. I'm very proud of it so far.

  3. Generally being busy. I currently make absolutely no money from my DeviantArt presence, so there isn't always a lot of time that I can justify setting aside for it as opposed to things like work and academics. It's something that will always have to happen in my sporadic free time.
    Excuses aside, I'm mainly here to tell you that Chapter 11 is coming, and that I'm only letting it take so long because I want to keep the quality as high as it's been throughout the rest of the series up to this point. I'm confident that I can pick up the pace once I get this little transition sorted out. Once I hit a stride with this next chapter, I imagine the next several parts will flow much more smoothly.

    In the meantime, is there anything you'd like to see more of in this next chapter, or the next several chapters in general? Anything you think I can improve upon? Please, let me know while it's still on the drawing board!

    Thank you all so much for your patience. I have every intention of getting it out as soon as possible.




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